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Date Posted: 06/20/2017
Location: York, PA 17404
Company: SpiriTrust Lutheran
Job Type: Full Time

Education/Training:  A high school diploma or equivalent.
Skill(s): Speak and understand English; proficient reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics skills; proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills; proficient organizational skills; demonstrated knowledge of nutrition and food services; demonstrated management and supervisory skills.
Experience:A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in related positions normally required.
General Responsibilities
Skill(s): Responsible for assisting the General Manager with oversight of the Dining Services Department in order to ensure that all dining services and activities are in order and are in compliance with all applicable regulations; directly supervising assigned personnel; assuming responsibility of the General Manager in his/her absence.

 Essential Duties
Supports the mission and values of SpiriTrust Lutheran which is: SpiriTrus Lutheran, witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provides exceptional health, human, and senior living services by supporting persons in achieving an optimal quality of life.

Interacts with, residents, clients, staff, and the general public in ways that demonstrate the agency’s commitment to courtesy, service, and hospitality befitting a church related organization.
Responsible to keep order and organization in the dining room during meal service. Maintain great customer service.
Provides oversight of the Dining Services Department in order to ensure that all dining services and activities are in order and are in compliance with all applicable regulationsas illustrated by the following:
Maintains liaison with outside Dining Services Provider.
Assists in coordinating dietary services and activities with other related departments, i.e., Nursing, Housekeeping, Social Services, etc. 
Ensures food is prepared and served in accordance with Federal and State regulations and department standards and procedures.
Makes daily rounds to ensure that dietary staff are performing required duties and assures that appropriate dietary procedures are being rendered to meet the needs of the Program. 
Places orders for food and supplies as necessary.
Assists in the selection of new staff. 
Assists with the proper orientation and training of new staff.
Assists with schedules and distributes work among assigned staff. 
Implements and maintains an established, ongoing quality assurance program for the Dining Services Department
Accurately records time worked or not worked as illustrated by the following: 
Accurately records time in and out at the start and end of each shift and at the start and end of each meal break utilizing the Agency’s timekeeping system
Makes corrections to the timekeeping system, as necessary, on appropriate  forms within the required payroll timeframe
Interacts with all colleagues in ways that assist one another in the successful performance of their duties.
Abides by the current laws and organizational standards and procedures designed and implemented to promote an environment which is free of sexual harassment and other forms of illegal discriminatory behavior in the work place.
Cooperates with, participates in, and supports the adherence to all Agency standards, procedures, and practices in support of risk management and overall safety and soundness and compliance with all regulatory requirements, i.e., HIPAA, OSHA, etc.
Abides by and supports the organization’s code of conduct by exhibiting behavior that is set forth in the code of conduct.  Performs duties in accordance with the code of conduct and completes annual compliance training
Communicates with Sodexho, department managers, and appropriate staff in order to integrate goals and activities.

Provides information to Sodexho and other groups as required.