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Date Posted: 03/26/2020
Location: Chambersburg, PA 17202
Company: SpiriTrust Lutheran
Job Type: Full Time

Basic Qualifications


Education/Training:  Graduate of a school of nursing with current licenses(s) to practice as a professional nurse in the state(s) served by SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice.  Certification or additional education in OASIS required.


Skill(s):  Proficient reading, writing and grammatical skills; proficient in interpersonal relations and communication skills, including pleasant telephone manner and speaking voice; ability to work independently and to establish and maintain effective working relationships; working knowledge of Word and/or Excel and ability to learn specialized industry applications; knowledge of home health and/or hospice regulations; knowledge of currently acceptable practice; valid driver’s license and dependable means of transportation. 


Experience:  One (1) year of recent clinical experience in license or certified discipline normally required.


General Responsibilities


Responsible for coordinating quality improvement activities and providing documentation to meet reimbursement requirements; coordinating work within the department, as well as with other departments; complying with operating policies and procedures and regulatory requirements; communicating with appropriate personnel; responding to inquiries or requests for information; maintaining appropriate records and providing assigned reports.


Key Performance Indicators


Staff with six (6) months seniority will have OASIS/HIS competency score of 94% or higher

CTI transmitted within timelines for billing 90% or greater

Satisfaction with department is 4.5/5.0

HIS Extraction/review/submission within prescribed numbers

POT reviewed, sent and received by billing date


Essential Duties


Supports the mission of SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice, which is to answer Christ’s call by providing health care and related services to those who are striving to achieve their highest possible level of independence, quality of life, health and comfort. 


Supports the mission of SpiriTrust Lutheran, which is witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing exceptional health, human and senior living services by supporting persons in achieving an optimal quality of life.


Coordinates the quality improvement activities of the agency as follows (and as assigned):


Serves as facilitator of the utilization Review/UR Sub Committee and/or Audit Committee as assigned.
Works with QI Supervisor to assure that regular record reviews are completed according to agency procedure.
Assumes an active role in mock compliance audit and special audits and indicators as assigned.
Assists Quality Improvement Supervisor with coordination and development of the quality improvement yearly activities.
Coordinates the assigned procedure reviews.
Prints, summarizes and distributes CASPER, HCAHPS, HOSPICE CAHPS and HIS reports.
Reviews and signs all HIS.
Reviews all hospice Plans of Treatment and assures that the agency is in compliance with all billing requirements.
Reviews POTs for discrepancies and discusses these with staff for resolution.
Assures that PTOs are completed correctly and timely.
Acts as a resource for clarification of POT documentation, reimbursement requirements and agency procedures.


Serves as a consultant and resource person to agency staff as follows:


Acts as resource for clarification of documentation and reimbursement requirements, agency procedures and QIO guidelines.
Participates in orientations and in-services as assigned.
Assists in organizing and coordinating the Total Agency Evaluation, as assigned.
Actively pursues knowledge of quality improvements and documentation trends as well as regulations in home health and hospice.  Reports and recommends appropriate agency action to Director, Performance & Quality Improvement.
Participates in all licensure and Medicare survey visits, as assigned.
Works with appropriate agency committees, programs and personnel to assure that quality improvement activities or recommendations are fully implemented.
Recommends special or new quality improvement activities as agency needs are identified.


Coordinates the communication of pertinent information as follows:


Assists with documentation of client data to meet legal, licensing, certification and reimbursement requirements through dictation, written summarization or computer data entry.
Maintains records and notebooks, as appropriate, in relation to quality improvement duties.
Participates in communications with physicians, staff and others as necessary for completion of job responsibilities.


Coordinates the Risk Control Nurse duties for the agency (as assigned):


Represents SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice in the SpiriTrust Lutheran Safety Committee, as assigned.
Evaluates the working environment to reduce the risk of harm to human and material resources.
Maintains awareness of federal and state regulatory issues as they relate to risk and interprets these issues.
Participates in the development and implementation of emergency response plan.
Assists employees/volunteers to identify risks and to take proper precautions including administering Hepatitis B Vaccine, pneumovax and Mantoux testing according to agency policy and Influenza vaccine.
Assures proper disposal of hazardous materials and keeps Hazardous Substance List up-to-date.
Serves as consultant, resource person and pre/post test counselor for post exposure to bloodborne pathogens for clients and employees of SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice including home visits as necessary.
Administers Mantoux and Drug testing for new personnel, interprets results and assures appropriate follow-up.
Coordinates the incident reporting to the appropriate state agencies.
Maintains a system for client incident/accident reporting and infection control surveillance, including investigation and corrective action; reports collected data and recommendations for review by the Risk Committee.
Works with the Education department to develop, coordinate and present training programs which address proficiency and safe practices and promote safety consciousness.
Schedules regular Risk Nurse meetings and provides training as required.


Assists in the growth and development of personnel as follows:


Discusses and documents impressions with staff in order to verify, instruct and assists in promoting more effective performance.
Recognizes ongoing needs for professional growth and development and assists staff in meeting needs using available resources.


Cooperates with, participates in and supports the adherence to all internal policies, procedures and practices, laws and regulatory requirements.


Works harmoniously with others.


Coordinates specific work tasks with other personnel within the department as well as with other departments in order to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of information.


Communicates with his/her supervisor, other supervisors, community relations coordinators and appropriate staff in order to integrate activities.


Responds to inquiries relating to his/her particular area, or to requests from other personnel, clients, etc. within given time frames and within established policy.


Maintains appropriate records and provides assigned reports.


Supports and advances the Lean philosophy in all endeavors.


Ancillary Duties


Performs tasks which are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job, but which may be altered or re-designed depending upon individual circumstances.