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Resident Assistant, PT Night, The Village at Shrewsbury

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Date Posted: 02/10/2021
Location: Shrewsbury, PA 17361
Company: SpiriTrust Lutheran
Job Type: Part Time

SpiriTrust Lutheran is now hiring a PT Night Resident Assistant. 

At SpiriTrust Lutheran®, our employees are a highly valued resource. Their dedication, skill and commitment enable us to provide excellent service and care within our continuing care retirement communities, community outreach programs and home care services. We offer: Competitive salaries Comprehensive benefits package Education assistance Career advancement/professional growth Friendly, team-oriented environment If you are ready to join us for a rewarding career.

Basic Qualifications

Education/Training: A high school diploma or equivalent required; must satisfactorily complete and provide proof of completion of Department of Public Welfare mandated personal care direct care staff training and competency examination within 14 days of date of hire; must satisfactorily complete Agency-provided resident assistant training during introductory period.

Skill(s): Speak and understand English; moderate reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics skills; proficient interpersonal relations and communication skills; general knowledge of assigned department’s operations; CPR certified.  Refer to separate analysis for physical requirements of the essential functions with or without accommodation.

Experience:   None

 General Responsibilities
Responsible for performing a variety of duties to provide safe, efficient assistance to residents; performing various documentation and communication duties; ensuring safety and care of resident environment; providing residents with dignity and respect; coordinating work within the department, as well as with other departments; reporting pertinent information to the immediate supervisor; responding to inquiries or requests for information.

Essential Duties

Supports the mission and values of SpiriTrust Lutheran  which is: SpiriTrust Lutheran , witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provides exceptional health, human, and senior living services by supporting persons in achieving an optimal quality of life.

Interacts with residents, clients, staff, and the general public in ways that demonstrate the agency’s commitment to courtesy, service, and hospitality befitting a church related organization.
Performs a variety of duties to provide safe, efficient assistance  to residentsas follows:
Reviews and completes daily assignments; determines priorities and budgets time and work load; assures that all assigned residents’ needs are met, appointments are kept, and activities are attended.
Provides residents with adequate nutrition and hydration, including the proper, timely serving of meals, nourishment supplements, and snacks.
Assists with ambulation, splints, braces, or other assistive or corrective devices as ordered.
Assists with comfort and care of the very ill or dying residents under Hospice Care.
Encourages participation in activities; assists residents in preparing for activities and social programs as necessary.
Assists with transferring residents into and out of bath tub or shower.
Promotes restorative nursing by encouraging independence and maximum function in all residents.
Assists with or performs personal hygiene including bathing, oral care, hair grooming and shampooing, dressing, incontinent care, shaving, and other special care needs.
Answers call bells or lights promptly.
Performs various documentation and communicationduties as follows:
Receives report from previous shift; provides report to oncoming shift.
Reports  changes in condition or  function and unusual incidents  or accidents to charge person; documents as necessary.
Documents appropriate information on resident record.
When acting as Charge, the following duties will be performed.
Administers medications and treatments in the appropriate area and time.  Properly identifies the resident, medication, label directions, and route of administration.  Assures that the medication and treatment carts/rooms are locked at all times.  Effectively reports medication needs and concerns to the pharmacy.  Maintains narcotic records accurately according to interdepartmental guidelines and reports any narcotic discrepancies to the Health Services Manager.
Performs routine administrative tasks such as completing lab slips, scheduling appointments and transportation, preparing podiatry lists, maintenance requests, etc.
Admits, transfers, and discharges residents following written physician’s orders and in accordance with Agency policy.
Monitors all lab work assuring that all testing is done in compliance with physician’s orders and state and federal regulations.  Consults with the physician regarding abnormal results and follows through with suggested and approved actions.
Accurately assesses resident’s physical and emotional status.  Notifies physician of any changes in condition based on the assessment.
Administers professional services such as Foley care, dressing applications and changes, hot and cold packs, O2 therapy, etc. using appropriate aseptic technique.
Provides emergency response to the independent living residents as assigned.
Implements disaster and emergency procedures in necessary; assumes a leadership role.
Prevents, identifies, investigates and reports suspected or actual abuse, neglect, exploitation, and improper use of chemical and physical restraints, in accordance with Agency standards.
Completes and submits accident/incident reports as necessary.
Assumes supervisory responsibility for staff, including assuring efficient and adequate performance and effective completion of assigned tasks to assure resident care.
Ensures safety and care of resident environment as follows:
Assures that all work areas, including resident rooms, dining areas, tubrooms, nurse’s station, and laundry rooms, are kept clean, free of clutter, and are adequately stocked.
Assures that bed making and laundry are done properly and timely, residents’ personal supplies are in appropriate places, and areas are free of obstacles to prevent accidents and injuries.
Performs all tasks in a safe manner, following established safety and infection control practices and procedures, including standard precautions and proper hand washing technique.
Attends in-service training to understand and participate in drills in order to demonstrate knowledge of assigned responsibilities with disaster, fire emergency, and elopement procedure; performs assigned responsibility in an emergency.
Provides residents with dignity and respect as follows:
Identifies self and purpose when entering resident’s room; addresses residents by their full names, unless otherwise specified.
Keeps doors and curtains closed when providing direct care for residents.
Prevents, identifies, and reports actual or suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation, and improper use of chemical and physical restraints, in accordance with Agency standard.
Knows and respects all resident rights, while maintaining the confidentiality of all resident information.
Assists residents with properly storing and retrieving their belongings.
Adheres to all listed competencies for the position.
Accurately records time worked or not worked as illustrated by the following:
Accurately records time in and out at the start and end of each shift and at the start and end of each meal break utilizing the Agency’s timekeeping system.
Makes corrections to the timekeeping system, as necessary, on appropriate forms within the required payroll timeframe.
Coordinates specific work tasks with other staff within the department and with other departments in order to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of information.
Abides by the current laws and organizational standards and procedures designed and implemented to promote an environment which is free of sexual harassment and other forms of illegal discriminatory behavior in the work place.
Cooperates with, participates in, and supports the adherence to all Agency standards, procedures, and practices in support of risk management and overall safety and soundness and compliance with all regulatory requirements, i.e., HIPAA, OSHA, etc.; insures that the department and all personnel adhere to the same.
Abides by and supports the organization’s code of conduct by exhibiting behavior that is set forth in the code of conduct.  Performs duties in accordance with the code of conduct and completes annual compliance training.
Reports pertinent information to the immediate supervisor as requested, or according to an established schedule; compiles information as necessary or as directed and provides data to appropriate personnel.
Responds to inquiries or requests from customers, other personnel, etc., within given timeframes and within established policy.
Completes educational requirements as mandated by state and federal agencies and to maintain competencies.