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Date Posted: 05/17/2017
Location: Gettysburg, PA 17325
Company: SpiriTrust Lutheran
Job Type: Full Time

Basic Qualifications
Education/Training:A graduate of an accredited program for registered nursing; current unencumbered PA license to practice as a Registered Nurse required; current CPR/AED certification (or obtaining CPR/AED certification within 30 days of starting the position).  ).  CPR/AED certification must be obtained by successfully completing “live” cognitive and hands-on skills evaluations through an approved American Heart Association course administered by an approved instructor.  Renewal of this CPR/AED certification must take place on or before the recommended renewal date on the holder’s card.  Online CPR/AED certifications are not acceptable.     
Skill(s):  Speak and understand English; proficient reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics skills; proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills; knowledge of state and federal regulations; thorough knowledge of current long-term care nursing practices in accordance with federal and state long-term care regulations; proficient assessment skills; moderate PC skills; proficient organizational skills; demonstrated management and supervisory skills. 
Experience:A minimum of three (1) years’ experience in related positions normally required.
General Responsibilities
As a member of the resident care team, the Neighborhood Clinical Manager (NCM) is responsible to assist residents throughout the neighborhoods in SCC by acting as a resident clinical care advocate and supporting quality assurance initiatives.  The NCM participates in resident centered neighborhood meetings and contributes to the overall health and well-being of the resident.  The NCM promotes clear communication amongst the care team by ensuring awareness of resident care plans and preferences.  The NCM participates on the nursing leadership team for data collection, health outcomes reporting, clinical audits, and programmatic evaluation for clinical excellence initiatives.  In conjunction with the Director of Nursing and the Assistant Director of Nursing, responsible for the overall management of the neighborhoods within the SCC and implementing strategies and goals in alignment with the LSS and Community’s operating plan. 
Essential Duties

Supports the mission and values of SpiriTrust Lutheran which is: SpiriTrust Lutheran, witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provides exceptional health, human, and senior living services by supporting persons in achieving an optimal quality of life 
Interacts with residents, clients, staff, and the general public in ways that demonstrate the agency’s commitment to courtesy, service, and hospitality befitting a church related organization.
Assists the Director of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing in the overall management and operations of the Nursing Departmentas illustrated by the following 
Assists the Director of Nursing and the Assistant Director of Nursing in the management of the Nursing Department for the purpose of coordinating care, recommending changes, and communicating information 
Interprets and administers the Pennsylvania Long-Term Care Regulations and Medicaid Regulations, as well as federal regulations.
Participates in and/or chairs various committees as assigned by the Director of Nursing or the Assistant Director of Nursing.   
Functions as a resource for the Medical Records Clerk 
Assists in the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Nursing standards of practice manual 
Performs assessments, interventions, and evaluations of continence programs 
Oversees the inventory of all medical/nursing supplies 
Assumes administrative decision making in the absence of the Skilled Care Center Administrator or Director of Nursing and the Assistant Director of Nursing 
Administers professional skilled services, assists with physicians visits, physical examinations, chart reviews and provides direct nursing care as needed. 
Prepares and administers medications as ordered by the physician using current, accepted standards of Nursing practice and quality assurance as needed.
Ensures that Schedule II Narcotics are administered and accounted for per policy and reports to the Director of Nursing any discrepancies 
Receives Physicians orders for treatments and medications, acknowledges and handles orders promptly, delegates, prioritizes and disciplines as needed.
Evaluates programs, systems routines ,and assignments for efficiency and effectiveness; recommends appropriate changes as needed 
Informs Residents attending physician and family when there is a change in th Resident’s condition or other pertinent information regarding the Resident’s status. 
Can perform a comprehensive Nursing assessment when required with any change in condition.   
Provides oversight and serves as a resource for Infection Control Program, Skin Integrity Program, staff education and development, etc. as assigned by the Director of Nursing or the Assistant Director of Nursing. 
Ensures a safe and orderly work environment as follows 
Attends all required safety in-services; participates in all drills with a clear understanding of role in disaster routines 
Ensures that assigned work areas are maintained in a safe, well-organized, and sanitary manner 
Reads disaster and fire emergency plans and elopement standards frequently; performs assigned responsibility in an emergency and assumes a leadership role 
Establishes an environment which promotes dignity and respect for residents as follows 
Prevents, identifies, investigates, and reports suspected or actual abuse, neglect, exploitation, and improper use of chemical and physical restraints, in accordance with Agency standards 
Knows and respects all residents’ rights while maintaining the confidentiality of all resident care information 
Assists in the completion of state mandated Event Reports at the request of the Nursing Home Administrator, Director of Nursing or the Assistant Director of Nursing. 
Interacts with all colleagues in ways that assist one another in the successful performance of their duties 
Provides support, encouragement, and direction to the individuals under his/her direct supervision; acts as a resource for staff in problem solving and properly communicates within the established chain of command 
Creates an atmosphere that promotes a positive and respectful work environment according to the Culture of Considerate behavior. 
Implements strategies to achieve goals assigned to the department as established in the Community's Annual Operating Plan; assists in the development of the annual budget for the department and adheres to budget parameters. 
Abides by the current laws and organizational standards and procedures designed and implemented to promote an environment which is free of sexual harassment and other forms of illegal discriminatory behavior in the work place.
Answers questions or concerns of team members in their timekeeping process, ensuring accurate submission of data 
Follows up with team members under their supervision to ensure timekeeping process is completed and submitted timely.
Educates team members regarding requirements for timekeeping, missed punches, consequences, etc 
Evaluates data related to resources and program and makes appropriate corrective  actions with team members, if necessary, to ensure compliance with all rules, regulations, and agency standards.
Cooperates with, participates in, and supports the adherence to all Agency    standards, procedures, and practices in support of risk management and overall safety and soundness and compliance with all regulatory requirements, i.e., HIPAA, OSHA, etc.; insures that the department and all personnel adhere to the same 
Abides by and supports the organization’s code of conduct by exhibiting behavior that is set forth in the code of conduct.  Performs duties in accordance with the code of conduct and completes annual compliance training 
Directly supervises assigned personnel as follows:
a.   Assists in the selection process of key positions, orients, and makes provisions for the proper training of department, supervises and  regularly reviews the competence and performance of this group.
Makes certain that all relevant information is properly communicated to the group in order to give them every opportunity to perform their duties effectively and timely..Conducts regular meetings with the staff. Administers stanarPractice and ther proceures as established by agency policyCommunicates with the Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, and  other department managers, and appropriate staff personnel in order to integrate goals and activities.
18.    Provides periodic reports to the Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing and Administrator as required.

  20.  Performs all duties of a Resident Care Supervisor (see Resident Care                   Supervisor job description) as needed if licensure is a Registered Nurse. 
                        21.  Completes educational requirements as mandated by state and federal                      agencies and to maintain competencies.
                        22.  Per PA DOH regulation,  RN coverage must provide for at least eight (8) consecutive hours a day, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week to oversee total nursing activities. If you are the only RN in the building, you cannot leave the building until another RN is available to cover for you.
Exception-Communities with a census under sixty (60), and an LPN is designated in charge on the night shift, an RN must be on-call and located within a thirty (30) minute drive of the center