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Date Posted: 12/14/2018
Location: York, PA 17404
Company: SpiriTrust Lutheran
Job Type: Pool


SpiriTrust Lutheran  provides residential living, personal care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in six senior living communities; home healthcare, home health telemonitoring, in-home support services and hospice care; a community-based program that allows skilled nursing-eligible seniors to remain living in their homes; and a range of community outreach services, including a Health, Education and Life Enrichment Program (H.E.L.P.) Center, case management, counseling services, financial literacy programs, deaf and hard of hearing services, domestic violence/abuse intervention and several volunteer-based assistance programs.

We offer: Competitive salaries Comprehensive benefits package Education assistance Career advancement/professional growth Friendly, team-oriented environment If you are ready to join us for a rewarding career.

General Responsibilities

Responsible for securing the physical plant and materials; maintaining interpersonal contacts; performing miscellaneous duties; coordinating work within the department, as well as with other departments; reporting pertinent information to the immediate supervisor; responding to inquiries or requests for information.

The residents, clients, staff, and the general public in ways that demonstrate the agency’s commitment to courtesy, service, and hospitality befitting a church related organization.

Secures the physical plant and materials as illustrated by the following:

Secures doors and windows, sets alarms, secures agency vehicles, etc.

Detects fire or fire hazards and takes appropriate actions; responds to door and fire alarms and takes appropriate action Checks for and reports immediately unsafe conditions or equipment.

Turns HVAC equipment on/off as required and authorized

Responds to and corrects power failures on campus.

Performs inspection duties in specially designated areas, i.e., kitchen – check gas burners, temperatures in walk-ins, grease traps, etc.

Checks emergency job requests before maintenance is called in after hours.  (He/She may be able to perform repairs via instructions over phone from maintenance personnel).

Performs minor maintenance as able according to training and supplies/minor tools at hand.

Performs assigned security tours of campus as assigned.

Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls from independent living residents.

Maintains interpersonal contacts as follows:

As assigned, monitors conduct of staff and visitors; as warranted, warns staff and visitors regarding unacceptable behavior; as warranted, and facilitates removal of staff, visitors, or unauthorized persons from campus.  (Using discretion and good judgment, these duties may require the assistance of additional staff and/or local law enforcement personnel).

If law enforcement or fire personnel are present on campus, provides assistance as directed.

Regulates vehicle and pedestrian traffic as required.

Appropriately monitors staff and visitors to deter/prevent theft.

According to campus practices (hours of operation and visitation, etc.), restricts access to campus.

Immediately reports all accidents/significant incidents to supervisor or ranking nursing personnel.

As directed, transports residents or staff to hospital for emergency treatment.

Performs miscellaneous duties as follows:

Follows proper “check in” procedures at start of shift, including, but not limited to, communicating with supervisor, receiving keys, and reviewing assignments, special instructions, and reports from previous shifts.

Delivers and picks up mail as required.

Makes pickups at the drug store, as directed by the nursing supervisor.

Performs scheduled or emergency trash removal including bio-hazardous material as required.

Performs scheduled/unscheduled “set-up and take-down” of tables, chairs, etc. for gatherings and events.

Secures and stores equipment and material as directed.

Performs task in a safe manner; maintains work area in a clean and safe condition.

Attends required in-services.

Performs other tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Accurately records time worked or not worked as illustrated by the following:

Accurately records time in and out at the start and end of each shift and at the start and end of each meal break utilizing the Agency’s timekeeping system.

Makes corrections to the timekeeping system, as necessary, on appropriate forms within the required payroll timeframe.

Coordinates specific work tasks with other personnel within the department as well as with other departments in order to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of information.

Abides by the current laws and organizational standards and procedures designed and implemented to promote an environment which is free of sexual harassment and other forms of illegal discriminatory behavior in the work place.

Identifies, prevents, and reports actual or suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation, and improper use of chemical and physical restraints, in accordance with standards.

Cooperates with, participates in, and supports the adherence to all Agency standards, procedures, and practices in support of risk management and overall safety and soundness and compliance with all regulatory requirements, i.e., HIPAA, OSHA, etc.

Reports pertinent information to the immediate supervisor as requested, or according to an established schedule; compiles information as necessary or as directed and provides data to appropriate personnel.

Responds to inquiries relating to his/her particular area, or to requests from customers, other personnel, etc., within given timeframes and within established standards.

Ancillary Duties

Performs tasks which are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job, but which may be altered or redesigned depending upon community circumstances.

Basic Qualifications

Education/Training: A high school diploma or equivalent;  must satisfactorily complete first aid, AED, and CPR training within 30 days from date of hire and must maintain certification.

Skill(s): Speak and understand English; moderate reading, writing, and grammar skills; moderate interpersonal relations and communicative skills; valid driver’s license.  Refer to separate analysis for physical requirements of the essential functions, with or without accommodation.

Experience:   None required.