Fuel the Spirit

We are grateful for your support and understanding during these challenging times and we realize many of you want to help. Our Fuel the Spirit campaign provides a variety of ways to support our caregivers and those they serve and those who support them.

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New magazine, The SpiriTrust Connection, captures the essence of SpiriTrust Lutheran

SpiriTrust Lutheran is proud to present the first issue of The SpiriTrust Connection, a quarterly publication of SpiriTrust Lutheran®. This magazine is designed to educate and inform you about the many programs and services we provide to those in need throughout our entire geographic footprint – a 26-county region that spans from northern Maryland through Central Pennsylvania and into the Lehigh Valley.

Each page of this magazine is filled with compelling and heart-warming stories and photos of our team members fulfilling our mission and embodying our core values in their everyday activities. Our hope is that after reading these stories you will be amazed and inspired by our commitment to unselfishly serve others and will want to call upon us when you or a loved one is in need.