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Our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program is accepting enthusiastic and driven individuals who are interested in obtaining their nursing assistant certification. The program begins Monday, February 20 with classes scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at SpiriTrust Lutheran®, The Villages at Kelly Drive and Sprenkle Drive in York, PA. Training will consist of 10 days in the classroom and lab at The Village at Kelly Drive and eight days of on-site clinical experience spaced over the course of three and one half weeks at The Village at Sprenkle Drive.

A passion for working with older adults and desire to display dignity and compassion is a must. For more information, click here. Click or tap the button for more details and apply online today!

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Scheduled resident visitation resumes

Federal Guidelines Dictate Resident Visitation Schedule and Status

In early March, new federal guidelines regarding resident visitation were announced. Upon learning this news, SpiriTrust Lutheran immediately began implementing the guidelines at all six of our life plan communities. Because of these new guidelines, we are now permitted to resume scheduled visitations with our residents with the following exceptions:

  1. Residents with confirmed COVID-19 infections will not be permitted to have visitors unless receiving end-of-life or compassionate care visitors
  2. Residents in quarantine will not be permitted to have visitors until they have met criteria for release from quarantine
  3. Unvaccinated residents, if the COVID-19 county positivity rate is greater than 10% and less than 70% of residents in the facility are fully vaccinated.

We will suspend visitation if there are positive cases of COVID-19 among residents or team members.

Visits must be scheduled in advance. They will be limited to two visitors for a period of one hour per visit. Please do not arrive unannounced as we will not be able to accommodate your visit without an appointment. This will help ensure all residents requesting a visit are able to receive one in a timely manner.

The Village at Gettysburg Visitation Scheduling Contacts
Personal Care: Nikki Richwine, 717.334.6404
Skilled Care: Linda Cooper/Jess Sheahan, 717.334.6204

The Village at Kelly Drive Visitation Scheduling Contact
Personal Care: Lauren Eriksen, 717.845.6606

The Village at Luther Ridge Visitation Scheduling Contacts
Personal Care: Amber Weaver, 717.264.5700
Skilled Care: Kayla Etter, 717.267.0677

The Village at Shrewsbury Visitation Scheduling Contacts
Personal Care: Jen Hartley, 717.227.3005
Skilled Care: Megan Barnish, 717.227.8501

The Village at Sprenkle Drive Visitation Scheduling Contacts
Assisted Living: Jennifer Bornschein, 717.764.9994, ext. 20599
Skilled Care: Vanessa Brown, 717.767.5404, ext. 20566

The Village at Utz Terrace Visitation Scheduling Contacts
Personal Care: Kris Martin, 717.637.0633
Skilled Care: Jess Schoenberger, 717.637.0633

Outdoor visitation is preferred when practical; however, indoor visits are permissible. For residents with a private room, the visitation will take place in the resident’s room. For residents with a semi-private room, the visitation will take place outside the room in a designated area. Staff and volunteers will guide residents and visitors to the appropriate area.

Visitors must adhere to the Core Principles of Infection Control including:

  1. Screening for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, including a temperature screening, upon entry to the facility
  2. Commitment to hand hygiene using an alcohol-based rub
  3. Wearing a facemask or other appropriate covering over the nose and mouth while in the facility
  4. Adherence to all signage guidance and facility standards regarding infection control
  5. Physically distancing from all other residents, team members and volunteers while visiting.

Visitors and residents may have close contact – hugging, hand holding, touch – if the resident is fully vaccinated and wearing an appropriate, well-fitting face mask. Fully vaccinated as defined by CDC guidelines refers to a person who is greater than two weeks following the receipt of the second dose in a two-dose series or two weeks following receipt of one dose of a single-dose vaccine. Proper handwashing or hand sanitizing must be performed prior to and following any touch.

If you are medically able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, please take advantage of their first opportunity to receive it. The more people who receive the vaccine, the closer we will be to achieving herd immunity and resuming life as we once knew it.

We remain grateful for the opportunity to care for your loved one and look forward to seeing you once again. Thank you and stay safe!