In response to the events happening across our nation, SpiriTrust Lutheran® would like to share this message with the community-at-large:

SpiriTrust Lutheran® respects and honors the uniqueness of all God’s children. True to our Lutheran heritage we value the sanctity of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, sex, handicap, disability, or religious creed.  In these times of social unrest we recommit ourselves to our core values and mission to support not just those we directly serve, but all of our neighbors. We believe we are all brothers and sisters in God’s eyes and pray for peace and understanding among all people.

Fuel the Spirit

We are grateful for your support and understanding during these challenging times and we realize many of you want to help. Our Fuel the Spirit campaign provides a variety of ways to support our caregivers and those they serve and those who support them.

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Hospice Golf Tournament

2019 Hospice Golf Tournament raises more than $59,000

39th Annual Hospice Golf Tournament raises more than $59,000!

SpiriTrust Lutheran® raised more than $59,000 at its 39th Annual Hospice Golf Tournament held in August at the Chambersburg County Club. The funds raised go toward providing care to hospice clients who lack insurance and do not have the resources to pay for the care they need.

“I am so grateful to our players, donors and sponsors whose support of the 39th annual SpiriTrust Lutheran Hospice Golf Tournament, allows us to meet the needs of those entrusted in our care,” said Bob Rundle, president & CEO, SpiriTrust Lutheran®.

2019 Hospice Golf Tournament



Gross Score First Flight Winners: (L-R) Cole Wagner, Steve Downey and Trent Landis, three of the winning team members, pose with CEO Bob Rundle (second to right) after receiving their prize.

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2018 Hospice Golf Tournament

Gross Score First Flight Winners: (L-R) Tom Geisel & Dave Eubanks, two of the winning team members, pose with CEO Bob Rundle (center) after receiving their prize package.

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2016 Hospice Golf Tournament