Thank you for fueling our spirits! See how gifts of funds, food, masks and other PPE, iPads and more have helped support everyone we serve and those who serve through this challenging time.

Fuel the Spirit Gratitude

Our supporters made 5,000 gifts and gave 88,500 hours of volunteer service to SpiriTrust Lutheran® in 2019! Read more about the impact of our donors, volunteers and team members in the 2019 Donor & Community Impact Report.

2019 Donor & Community Impact Report

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Nursing Team Education

Weissgerber Continuing Education Fund will help attract and retain outstanding caregivers

The Weissgerber Continuing Education Fund – named in honor of the first executive director of Lutheran Welfare Services, Sr. Charlotte Weissgerber – was established by residents Blanche Hake and Melissa and Jeff Marks to provide scholarship funds to committed team members who wish to strengthen their skills and progress in their careers. The permanent fund – which remains open to additional contributions – will distribute income each and every year to help attract and retain outstanding caregivers at SpiriTrust Lutheran.

For our compassionate and dedicated team nursing is more than just a job – it’s a calling. Your contribution helps nurses continue their pursuit of clinical excellence by providing funds for certified nursing assistant training, licensed practical nursing and/or registered nursing classes along with other professional development opportunities. Blanche, Melissa and Jeff are among our forward-thinking supporters who recognize the need to support and invest in skilled and compassionate nurses. The Weissgerber Continuing Education Fund will help generations of caregivers reach their full potential.

If you are interested in learning more about the fund, please call 717.854.4425.