Give the gift of benevolent care during Give Local York

Give Local York (GLY), York County’s biggest day of giving, is May 2 and 3! Because we are dedicated to caring for everyone we serve, regardless of their ability to pay, our GLY celebration will support our benevolent care resources. While the event isn’t until May 2 and 3, you can participate right now by giving a gift, sharing information about our celebration or becoming a fundraising champion! 

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Helping a Loved One Manage End-of Life Anxiety

Helping People Manage End-of-Life Anxiety

Managing end-of-life anxiety often requires getting to the heart of what the person is thinking and feeling. It might be uncontrolled pain or shortness of breath, but it could also be unresolved personal issues. The core programs and services of hospice can help.

  1.  Managing pain and symptoms: Shortness of breath and pain are two of the most common causes of end-of-life anxiety. The interdisciplinary approach used by hospice can help patients find ways to cope with both.
  2.  Encouraging self-expression: As patients try to accept their situation, they may have a hard time expressing their feelings. Some of the alternative therapies offered by hospice can help. Music and art therapies are two of the best ways to help patients express themselves when words fail.
  3. Connecting with Spiritual Care: Hospice treats each patient holistically. That means the focus is on caring for the mind, body and spirit. The inner turmoil many patients feel about the meaning of their life and what comes next are issues the spiritual care team can help patients work through.
  4. Disease Education: For some patients and their families, the fear of not understanding what comes next with their illness may create high anxiety. Educating patients on the typical course the disease follows can help reduce their anxiety.
  5. Support Group Participation: People often find it beneficial to join a support group made up of others in situations similar to theirs. It might be a cancer support group or an online community of patients with COPD. The opportunity to connect with others who can relate to what they are feeling can help to validate their struggles. The same is true of families and caregivers. Finding a network of peers can make a difference.

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