After serving the agency for more than 29 years, Bob Rundle, President/CEO of SpiriTrust Lutheran®, has officially announced his plan to retire before the end of 2023. Please click here to read the full announcement.


Bob’s Letter to the SpiriTrust Lutheran® Family

Managing Alzheimer’s Disease at Home – Tips for Caregivers

Five Tips to Help a Senior Stay Independent with Alzheimer’s Disease

Begin by reminding yourself that a familiar environment is important for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease. If their illness is in the earliest stage, staying in their own home might help them be able to maintain their activities of daily living longer.

Here are a few tips for balancing safety with independence:

  1. Conduct an in-home safety assessment. As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, people often have difficulty with balance, gait and vision. Developing a plan for home safety now can help prevent a fall or injury later.
  2. Explore ways to best manage medications. It might be with the use of a medication dispensing system that uses wireless technology to send reminders. It could be that you would feel more confident using an in-home care provider. A professional caregiver can provide in-person medication management to reduce the chance of an incorrect or missed dose.
  3. Don’t wait for your loved one to begin wandering to purchase a GPS tracking system. Instead, explore options before you need them. Some are discrete, wireless pocket systems that can be tracked in real time, while others look like a wrist watch.
  4. Talk with your senior loved one about their finances while they are still able to explain their situation to you. It is important to agree on how you can best monitor and support their financial management needs before a crisis occurs. Online banking and bill paying make that much easier to do from wherever you live.
  5. Meal preparation and planning might be one of the biggest challenges to their safety. Some suggestions to reduce the chance of a kitchen fire or other meal time accident include utilizing a local meal delivery program, stocking their freezer with foods that can easily microwave, and employing an in-home caregiver. A newer technology that can help is CookStop. This device can turn off a pot on the stove that has been left unattended too long.

We hope this gives you and your senior loved one some helpful ways to maintain their independence longer. Learn more information about our programs that can assist you and your loved one.