Give Local York

The biggest giving day in York County!

Give Local York campaign raises a record $27,759
to support SpiriTrust Lutheran® benevolent care

Thanks to the generosity of 58 donors, this year’s Give Local York (GLY) campaign raised an agency record $27,759 to support SpiriTrust Lutheran® benevolent care, a whopping 196% increase over last year’s total! The 24-hour online fundraising spree that marks York County’s biggest day of giving was held on May 2 and 3.  

In total, GLY raised $5,278,346 from 12,854 donors to 323 York County non-profit organizations. Gifts designated for SpiriTrust Lutheran support our benevolent care resources. The need for benevolent care is on the rise for several reasons. In general, people are living longer and may outlive their financial resources. Some may experience a costly health crisis. And while all of us are experiencing the impact of rising costs and inflation, some are not able to continue to absorb the impact.   

Through the generosity of those who gave to our GLY campaign, individuals and their families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved one will continue to receive comprehensive, quality health care, even if their financial resources become depleted. 

Thank you to everyone who supported our participation in this year’s event!