In response to the events happening across our nation, SpiriTrust Lutheran® would like to share this message with the community-at-large:

SpiriTrust Lutheran® respects and honors the uniqueness of all God’s children. True to our Lutheran heritage we value the sanctity of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, sex, handicap, disability, or religious creed.  In these times of social unrest we recommit ourselves to our core values and mission to support not just those we directly serve, but all of our neighbors. We believe we are all brothers and sisters in God’s eyes and pray for peace and understanding among all people.

Fuel the Spirit

We are grateful for your support and understanding during these challenging times and we realize many of you want to help. Our Fuel the Spirit campaign provides a variety of ways to support our caregivers and those they serve and those who support them.

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Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

There is much to consider as you plan for your future. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve, there are several ways to make a gift that offers additional benefits as you consider your needs and your family’s security. As you consider the examples that follow, we encourage you to try out the gift calculator below. Contact us to explore these and additional options for achieving your goals.

Gifts for Tomorrow: Wills and Living Trusts

You can plan a gift that will take effect only after your other obligations have been covered. A gift in your will or living trust can direct cash, specific property, or a percentage of your estate to SpiriTrust Lutheran®. It can be directed for a specific purpose, such as an endowed fund, or for the area of greatest need.

We recommend sharing the following sample language with your attorney:
I hereby give, devise and bequeath _____ percent (%) of my gross estate (or $_____) SpiriTrust Lutheran®, a nonprofit organization located at 1050 Pennsylvania Ave., York, PA, 17404, Federal Tax ID #23-1476329, for SpiriTrust Lutheran’s general use and purpose.

If you are considering a bequest, but would like to ensure that your bequest will be used for a specific purpose, please let us know. We would be happy to work with you and your attorney to help you identify ways to give and meet your charitable objectives. We also will work with you and your attorney to craft language to accomplish your goals.

Gifts with Benefits Today: Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts

If you need income in retirement, or wish to provide income for a loved one, consider a charitable gift annuity. You can make a meaningful gift while increasing your income. Calculate your benefits.

Charitable gift annuities provide a fixed stream of income that you cannot outlive. Funded with cash or appreciated securities the amount of income is determined by the number of income recipients (up to 2) and their ages with higher rates for older beneficiaries. You can arrange for income to start now or defer it to a later date.  SpiriTrust Lutheran invests your entire gift for the lifetimes of the beneficiaries, after which the remainder is used to support our programs.

If you are considering a gift of other assets – such as real estate or an art collection – or if you wish to provide income for multiple or younger beneficiaries, a charitable remainder unitrust can be an effective tool. Calculate your benefits.

There are five variations of unitrusts, allowing some control over the flow of income from the trust. A unitrust can offer supplemental retirement support or even funds for a grandchild’s education. A trustee manages the trust assets during your lifetime, or a set period of years, while you or your loved ones receive income. At the end of the trust’s term the remainder supports your chosen priority at SpiriTrust Lutheran.