Support Our Mission

Want to learn more about how you can be a part of strengthening and securing our programs?

Meanwhile, here are three abiding opportunities to give.

Benevolent Care

Donors like you help sustain our commitment to providing services to those who have entrusted their care to us, both through gifts to the Annual Fund and permanent Endowment Fund. SpiriTrust Lutheran® benevolent care resources offer hope to individuals who, through no fault of their own, have outlived their financial resources and cannot afford the services they need. Gifts for these critical resources provide much needed services for residents in our life plan communities as well as for hospice and home health clients.

Benevolent care resources benefit residents of our six life plan communities. Not only do we cover their cost of care, but we preserve their dignity and continue to provide their care in the same compassionate and caring manner without their friends and caregivers ever knowing their need for benevolence. To learn more about benevolent care, watch our video on YouTube by clicking or tapping on the button.

Watch Our Benevolent Care Video

Hospice benevolent care resources benefit hospice clients by helping to provide in-home medical care, spiritual and emotional support and caregiver respite during one of the most difficult times of life. To learn more about hospice benevolent care, watch our video on YouTube by clicking or tapping on the button.

Watch Our Hospice Benevolent Care Video

Nursing Team Education

You may have seen first-hand the dedication of our team providing care to your loved one – or even yourself. We offer our nursing team opportunities to grow to ensure every person we serve has the best possible care. You can offer support through the endowed Weissgerber Continuing Education Fund, which provides income each year for certified nursing assistant training, licensed practical nursing and registered nursing classes and other professional development opportunities.

Capital Needs

Special fundraising projects have supported everything from new technology to major additions; from artwork to memorial gardens; from new furnishings to new vehicles to transport residents. Please contact us to learn about current priority projects for a program or location of meaning to you.