Our Team

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Caring for clients and
families with
visits, calls
and other support
Hospice Volunteer Coordinators
Cathy Sweeney | York & Adams Counties
[email protected]
Kathryn Yaroschuk | Franklin & Fulton Counties
[email protected]
Assisting with activities
or being an escort
to appointments
LIFE Blake Bradish
LIFE Director
[email protected]

Engaging with older adults
through friendly visits,
group activities and other
meaningful and inspiring ways

Life Plan Communities Volunteer Services Coordinators
Linda Beaver
The Village at Gettysburg
& The Village at Luther Ridge
717.334.6204, ext. 40308 | 717.264.0737
[email protected]
Teresa Stickles
The Village at Shrewsbury
& The Village at Utz Terrace
717.227.8550 | 717.646.2460
[email protected]
Melissa Wieters
The Village at Kelly Drive
& The Village at Sprenkle Drive
717.848.2585, ext. 11330
717.793.4190, ext. 20596
[email protected]