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Caring for clients and
families with
visits, calls
and other support
Volunteer/Bereavement Coordinators
Kimberly McCurdy | Adams & Franklin Counties
[email protected]

Cathy Sweeney | York County
570.599.5390 (cell)
610.871.2802 (office)
[email protected]

Engaging with older adults
through friendly visits,
group activities and
other meaningful and
inspiring ways

Life Plan Communities
Volunteer Services Coordinators

Teresa Lawyer
The Village at Gettysburg
717.334.6204, ext. 40308
The Village at Shrewsbury
717.227.8550, ext. 30550
[email protected]

Linda Beaver
The Village at Luther Ridge
[email protected]

Teresa Stickles
The Village at Utz Terrace
[email protected]

Robert Gibson
The Village at Kelly Drive
717.848.2585, ext. 11330
The Village at Sprenkle Drive
717.767.5404, ext. 20596
[email protected]