Give the gift of benevolent care during Give Local York

Give Local York (GLY), York County’s biggest day of giving, is May 2 and 3! Because we are dedicated to caring for everyone we serve, regardless of their ability to pay, our GLY celebration will support our benevolent care resources. While the event isn’t until May 2 and 3, you can participate right now by giving a gift, sharing information about our celebration or becoming a fundraising champion! 

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Caring for clients and
families with
visits, calls
and other support

Volunteer/Bereavement Coordinators

Adams & Franklin Counties
Kimberly McCurdy
[email protected]

York County
Cathy Sweeney
570.599.5390 (cell)
610.871.2802 (office)
[email protected]

Impact lives in a meaningful way by sharing your time, talents and compassion.

Find a purpose and

Deepen existing friendships
and build new relationships.

Make a difference
n people’s lives.

Have FUN!


Life Plan Communities

Volunteer Services Contacts

The Village at Gettysburg
Jess Sheahan, Life Enrichment Director
717.334.6204, ext. 40109
[email protected]

The Village at Kelly Drive
Lauren Eriksen, Life Enrichment Director
[email protected]

The Village at Luther Ridge
Ali Noll, Life Enrichment Director
717.267.1665, ext. 50332
[email protected]

The Village at Shrewsbury
Megan Barnish, Life Enrichment Director
717.227.3000, ext. 30005
[email protected]

The Village at Sprenkle Drive
Brenna Michael, Life Enrichment Director
717.764.9994, ext. 20556
[email protected]

The Village at Utz Terrace
Teresa Stickles, Volunteer Services Coordinator
[email protected]