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Caring for clients and
families with
visits, calls
and other support

Volunteer/Bereavement Coordinators

Adams & Franklin Counties
Lori Lyncha
717.377.4696 (cell)
[email protected]

York County
Cathy Sweeney
570.599.5390 (cell)
610.871.2802 (office)
[email protected]

Impact lives in a meaningful way by sharing your time, talents and compassion.

Find a purpose and

Deepen existing friendships
and build new relationships.

Make a difference
n people’s lives.

Have FUN!


Life Plan Communities

Volunteer Services Contacts

The Village at Gettysburg
Jess Sheahan, Life Enrichment Director
717.334.6204, ext. 40109
[email protected]

The Village at Kelly Drive
Lauren Eriksen, Life Enrichment Director
[email protected]

The Village at Luther Ridge
Ali Noll, Life Enrichment Director
717.267.1665, ext. 50332
[email protected]

The Village at Shrewsbury
Megan Barnish, Life Enrichment Director
717.227.3000, ext. 30005
[email protected]

The Village at Sprenkle Drive
Brenna Michael, Life Enrichment Director
717.764.9994, ext. 20556
[email protected]

The Village at Utz Terrace
Teresa Stickles, Volunteer Services Coordinator
[email protected]