Give the gift of benevolent care during Give Local York

Give Local York (GLY), York County’s biggest day of giving, is May 2 and 3! Because we are dedicated to caring for everyone we serve, regardless of their ability to pay, our GLY celebration will support our benevolent care resources. While the event isn’t until May 2 and 3, you can participate right now by giving a gift, sharing information about our celebration or becoming a fundraising champion! 

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VicNet Login

VicNet login for current volunteers.

VicNet Login

View, manage or print your volunteer schedule through VicNet.

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Need a VicNet password? Contact your volunteer coordinator today.

General Tips

  • Create a bookmark for the login screen of VicNet to make it easier to access.
  • Do not use your browser’s navigation buttons to go back to a previous screen; it will exit you from the program and you will have to log in again. Similarly, the backspace key on your keyboard can act as if you are hitting the back button on your browser. This happens because VicNet is preventing you from seeing information that may now be outdated. Only use the navigational tabs and buttons within VicNet itself.
  • The green Exit button at the bottom of the screen will log you out of the system entirely. Do not click this unless you are planning to fully leave the program. If you are trying to step back a screen, use the Cancel button or click one of the menu tabs within VicNet.
  • If you have fully exited VicNet, you will have to return to the login screen. The login screen also may be accessed via your browser’s bookmark. Clicking your browser’s back button will not take you to the login screen and neither will clicking the refresh button.
  • After a period of inactivity, your session will expire. This is a security measure. You will have to log in again.

Logging In and Changing Your Password

  • Enter your email address in the field marked Login Name. If you have more than one email address, please use the email address to which your VicNet password was sent.
  • Your initial password will be sent via email and you will be required to change it during your first login.
  • If you want to change your password after your first login, click on the Account tab at the far right of the menu.
  • In order to complete the change, you must enter your previous password into the first field, then create a new password in the next field. Passwords must be at least six characters long and are case sensitive. They are not set to expire.
  • When finished, click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Editing Your Contact Information and Emergency Contact Information

  • Click on the My Profile tab.
  • Update or verify your contact information via the appropriate fields and click the Save button.
  • Please update any other fields (e.g. Emergency Contact, Photo, etc.) Be sure to click the green Save button below each updated section or your information will not be saved.

Check/View Messages

  • Click on the Mail tab.
  • To read a message, click on the message subject (e.g. Test Message) to expand the body of the message.
  • Once read, messages will move to the Old Messages section until their expiration date.  The expiration date is set by the sender of each message.

View Schedule

  • To see the full schedule, click on the My Schedule tab.
  • You will see the full monthly schedule with your assignments listed in black.  You can click on the specific date to see the full details.
  • You can scroll from month to month by using the green Previous Month and Next Month buttons located at the top of the calendar. Additionally, if you click on the Printable View button below the calendar, it will open the calendar in a new browser tab or window which is compatible with a standard printer.
  • You will also see orange Help balloons for the dates that require additional volunteers. More information on that feature is discussed below.

Adding Yourself to an Opening

  • While viewing the schedule, click on one of the orange Help Wanted balloons to view the listing of openings for the day.
  • Each assignment will tell you how many openings there are for the day.
  • Once you’ve found the assignment you’d like to add to your schedule, click on the Schedule Me button located to the right of the assignment.
  • A confirmation page will show up confirming the date, time and assignment. If it is correct, click the Yes button and it will be added to your schedule. If it is not correct, click the No button and it will take you back to the schedule.
    (Please note: There may be some lag time while the schedule updates.)

Removing Yourself From the Schedule

  • While viewing the schedule on the My Schedule tab, select an assignment for which you are scheduled that is at least two days from the current date.  If the scheduled assignment is less than two days away, please contact your volunteer services coordinator so they can make the change for you. VicNet will not allow you to remove yourself from an assignment that occurs less than 48 hours from the current time.
  • When viewing an assignment, a green Remove Me button will be located on the right side of the screen. If no button appears, it is because you are less than two days away from the scheduled assignment.  If the scheduled assignment is less than two days away, please contact your volunteer services coordinator so they can make the change for you.
  • Click the Remove Me button to remove yourself. There is no confirmation page when removing yourself from the schedule. A notification will be sent to your volunteer services coordinator. (Please note: There may be some lag time while the schedule updates.)
  • You can click on the green Calendar View button to return to the schedule.

My Service History Tab

  • The My Service History tab will show your year-to-date totals for hours served, in addition to a breakdown of those hours if you click on the year.